With the developments in the fashion industry, it is now evident that nail art is here to stay, and can only get better. Beauty and self-expression is a major thing in the current world, and nails are asserting the role they play in it. The result of this is that more and more tricks, tools, and brands are being developed with every passing day. The spectrum of creativity involved is unimaginable. Some ideas cropped up in 2016 to become major trends.

Notable Mentions

Mirror, mirrorgreen theme nail airt

This silver finish look has gone wild on social media. Unlike a majority of nail arts that focus on design, the mirror is very simple but dramatic. Born Pretty’s mirror nail polish is what is used to make this unique nail art. Start with a base coat using clear polish then apply two coats of the mirror nail polish and you are done.

Oil spill

The Oil Spill design takes after the oil slick hair that used shades that were unnatural and made them quite trendy for brunettes. The Oil Spill nail art has a metallic shade that looks similar to a dripping and swirly oil spill, but of course without the mess. Its popularity has grown within such a short time, making it one of the major trends of 2016.

Minimalist with a twist

This design is the perfect choice for those would love to wear a unique and attractive design without getting too dramatic. It plays with the negative on the manicure to create a mind-blowing effect that looks so unique. The ability to work with unlimited different patterns makes it even better. The trend for the design has caught on and almost every lady uses it when going to those subtle occasions.


The Nude nail art makes it look as if you have no nail polish on, but retains all the benefits that come with nail polish. Having the Best nude nail polish is a trend  is catching on this year. The Funny thing is that you might have seen it with so many ladies but never noticed it, which is the idea.

3D Charms

For this design of nail art, some extra charm is added to the typical manicure, with a dash of sparkle on each nail as well. This gives it some 3D characteristic that looks nice. 2016 is the year that has seen the highest number of people adding 3D embellishments, crystals, and small stones.