Men, and even some women, start losing hair when they get to some age. Unfortunately, this can affect their self-confidence significantly because they feel no longer handsome and attractive. What’s worse, most hair restoration procedures touted to work miracles do not work and leave such men with hair loss frustrated. The good news is that the men and women seeking hair restoration can seek hair micropigmentation service from the best hair restoration specialists in South Florida and get excellent results that restore their confidence.

Here are some of the benefits of scalp micropigmentation:

Faster Healing

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive procedure and has a quick healing time which typically is a few days. The best thing is that most of those who take this hair restoration procedure can resume work even in two days. When you undergo the treatment, you need not worry about any stitches or dressings to change. You only have a simple task of ensuring utmost cleanliness of the area by doing a thorough cleaning
in the weeks after the treatment.


affordableUnlike other hair loss restoration procedures, scalp micropigmentation costs a reasonably affordable amount which is a fraction of the figure for some of those procedures. Besides, it provides a long-lasting solution. You also do not have to go for expensive follow-up visits after completing all your sessions; thus, you save a decent amount of cash.

Also, hair maintenance after the procedure is so affordable because you need not have endless visits to specialists. Still, you could have a follow-up appointment between five and ten years after the treatment. And other than that, you have no budget for unique styling or washing of hair. You will also not have hair almost clogging the drains.

Safe and Fast

Do you shy away from having a hair loss restoration procedure for fear of chemicals on your scalp? You can take a hair micropigmentation procedure without fear because it does not involve chemicals, thus has no adverse effects. Besides, there are no incisions involved, so there are minimal risks of infection. And if you fear the needle used to carry out the micropigmentation, you need not worry at all. The procedure happens under a local anesthetic which makes the entire treatment free of pain.

Another thing is the procedure is completed in a few sessions because it is ideally hair tattooing. You only require a couple of hours to get the look of a perfectly-shaved head. Besides, the results appear so realistic even after the first session.