The word office wear is slowly being replaced with formal wear. This is because people do not have to be dictated by the office setting but more than the business environment. Look at Bibi Bijoux for formal jewelery inspiration. This is the why many corporate organizations are encouraging their staff to switch from office to formal wear.

Long gone are the days when suits were the ideal wear for women. The rules have now changed, and fashion is now diverse to incorporate every decent and acceptable piece of clothing. All you have to do is bring some creativity and do not go to the extreme levels trying to impress.

Formal dressing for women

Neutral colorsFormal dressing for women

When it comes to formal dressing, try and stick to the formal colors that are not too bright and destructive. Some of the colors acceptable in the formal world are brown, black, gray, navy blue and beige. These colors show seriousness in business, and they are not provocative in anyway. When wearing for a formal occasion, make this your formal colors, but you can add few hints of other colors like white, baby pink and purple.

Dresses, pants and skirts

All these are part of the formal wear but what matters is how you decide to wear them. For instance, make your pants ankle length to cover part of your shoe. Wearing pant is a bit tricky because they should be the right fit, not too tight and not too baggy. Dress should be the straight dresses, avoid flared, pleated and fancy dresses for the office.

When it comes to the skirt, pencil skirts are the way to go. Just make sure they are the right length. Knee length skirt is acceptable universally. Avoid very long or very short skirts when dressing for a formal occasion.

Shoes and accessories

Shoes and accesswoman smilingories are also an important part of the formal way of dressing. It is important that your shoes and accessories reflect that you are going for a formal occasion. Makeup is also part of the way you accessories yourself. Keep make-up low when going for a formal occasion to avoid attracting a lot of attention.

Some of the recommended accessories for a formal look include pearls, diamonds when it comes to earrings. Avoid the big earrings and the chunky neck pieces. Belts for women should be the slim type of belts. When it comes to shoes, wear a reasonable height of heels and always stick to the neutral colors of shoes. Avoid strappy heels and sandals for a formal look.