Beauty enthusiasts are always eager to explain the benefits of using cosmetics and makeup. They hardly take their time to explain the known fact that some of these products contain harmful chemicals that can affect the skin and other parts of the body. In this article, the little-known dangers of cosmetics and makeup are discussed. The information that is provided is handy in selecting the types of beauty products to use because some of them are harmful while others are proven to have no effect on the body.

Dangers of Substandard Cosmetics

Some Cosmetics and Perfumes Increase the Chances of Developing eye makeupCancer

It is recommended to check if the ingredients used in making your beauty products are safe. Several products that can be found in the market today contain toxic chemicals such as benzene that can cause complications such as skin cancer, breast cancer and blood cancer. The producers of those products will not mention anything about the dangers of their products since they are interested in maximizing sales. Always consult a health expert before buying any cosmetic and perfume.

They Can Destroy the Reproductive Systems

The functioning of the human reproductive system can be affected by parabens that are used in the production of cosmetics. Specifically, the butylparaben causes damage to the DNA in sperms thus affecting reproduction in men. Women are at risk of developing reproductive complications since they are a leading consumer of the cosmetics and perfumes. For instance, some of the skin products that women use have been linked to the development of acute reproductive disorders that leads to infertility. In that case, it is recommended to avoid using make-ups whose safety cannot be verified. Similarly, over using makeup should be avoided.

They Disrupt the Working of the Thyroid Systems

The working of the thyroid system can be affected by chemicals such as Triclosan, which is a common chemical used in the production of beauty products such as deodorant sprays. Typical symptoms of thyroid problems include headaches, depression and abnormal weight gain. It is recommended that excessive use of perfumes and related products is avoided.

some makeup products They Cause Allergic Reactions

It is common to find people complaining about certain beauty products. Some of the chemical compounds used in the production of perfumes and cosmetics can produce allergic reactions in the eyes, skin and hair. For example, parabens that are used to prevent the growth of bacteria in the makeup are allergic.


It cannot be denied that using perfumes and makeup contribute immensely to our beauty. However, we should not overdo it because the effects can be disastrous. Also, we should ensure that all the products that we use do not contain harmful components.