Soy WaxIf you are looking for handcrafted candles for the wild at heart, then welcome to the Opal and Wonder in Ashville. They offer you a wide range of candles that are scented and are all made of 100% natural soy wax. The candles are made to order and hand poured.

The soy candles

These candles are the type that are made to be exceptional to the rule that they are created from pure and natural soybean oil. These candles unlike the other ‘all natural’ alternatives to natural products is just not an equal because, the others have artificially processed additives. The soy candles are very healthy to inhale and are also environmentally safe.

When it comes to the melting point, they have a lower melting point than the other traditional candle waxes like the paraffin wax and bee wax. It serves well as a container handle. The soy wax has a strong fragrance but does not overpower its way.When you use these candles, they allow you to sooth and relax and is an excellent accompaniment to meditation, yoga, or even a peaceful evening curled up with a beautiful television show or a good book.

The advantages of using soy candles

For a long time now, candles have been an excellent and a primary source of illumination. They have remained a favorite home accessory. A lot of houses use them as a decorative and foster a sense of relaxation and ease in the bedroom or even the living room. In the modern culture, they are famous for reasons like romantic intentions. Their tiny flames are captivating and at times soothing. It is also believed that in many homeopathic and other alternative practices like aromatherapy, the burning scented candles have calming and health conscious features.

The most striking quality of these handmade soy wax melts is their ability to reflect and also absorb light. Several people believe that these candles can pick up desires, feelings and also thoughts and bring them to light. This is best to allow you to examine yourself and transform.

Whether this is true or false, these candles are always a reminder to live in the light and also share the light. Opal wonder makes you realise that this world is a world of so much wonder, thus the name ‘wonder’. At all times, we always need to shine out darkness and the bad.