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Is Red Bridesmaid Dress a Perfect Choice?

Red is the other name for hot. If you stumble across gorgeous red bridesmaid dresses that look like they are made for you, then the lady luck is right up your alley.

Only next to purple, red bridesmaid dresses are the most popular choice nowadays. They are versatile especially when the prevailing theme is white, the color imposes to eyes and pops out sparks of festivity. It is the color of every season. Whether you want to honor your cultural heritage or just want to wear something different, the color red is sizzling.

Color Combination with Red

Consiwoman with red dressdering red being the obvious choice, a white wedding gown could be fun to bring crimson accents into the bridal ensemble. Pair them with a red fingernail or red silk shoes; you have yourself a perfect red and white wedding attire. Red has multiple shades – wine, cherry, cranberry – so ensure to choose with care. White jewelry would make the bridesmaid dress look even more glamorous.


Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Purple signifies charm, noble, and mysterious; just like a ray of light from the sunset. It is elegant, romantic, and subtle. As mentioned, purple is possibly the most popular choice for a wedding dress. It is even better to have the color in the seasons of autumn and winter; where luxurious indoor wedding and exquisite are standard. Also, a lovely color for mature bridesmaids.

Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Navy blue goes with everything. You can either have it be the main color for the bridesmaid or on accessories; it remains magnanimous, sedate and fashionable. Navy blue, in weddings, is also quite a popular color due to its versatility. The naval origins make it a great choice for nautical weddings, and even for the beach weddings.

Bridesmaids in this color are comparable to fairies of the red dressocean. Long-Skirted dresses, more formal dresses are a decent match for navy blue as it gives itself to ceremonial occasions. Even a pair of ear clips of navy clips adds on the extra styling points. We’ve covered some of the best colors for bridesmaid dresses including gorgeous red bridesmaid dresses. Others include stunning navy blue bridesmaid dresses, and even the most popular choice – purple.

As a bride, you want to make sure your girls look just as sizzling as you. Above are some of the most popular yet elegant choices for a bridesmaid. We wouldn’t advise leaving all the decisions in your hand; you still should want their opinions in on this and try to fit your idea for a happy ending.



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