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Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

When buying an engagement ring, you must be careful because you do not get the chance to do it often. It would help if you chose a beautiful ring, preferably a diamond one, to show your partner how much you appreciate them as you pose the biggest question in both of your lives.

As your partner gets overcome by joy and emotions, a diamond ring with an amazing diamond-cut helps propel the proposal surprise to a whole new level. You can learn more about the various cuts at, and even how to pick a diamond engagement ring and other things.

Below are some of the top tips to help you choose the best engagement ring:

Select the Cut

diamong engagement ringThe cut is the first choice you will make when selecting a diamond piece of jewelry. There are many cuts available, and you might be confused about the one you will settle for. Brilliant round cut diamond rings are the most preferred option because of their beauty, sparkle, and performance under fire or light. This cut account for up to 75% of diamond rings sold.

Alternatively, you can select other fancy cuts and shapes. There are different fancy shapes which are cheaper than round ones but also very popular. Buying them gives you the benefit of purchasing a brilliant ring at a lower price. Other fancy shape options include cushion, radiant, emerald, and marquise diamonds.

Consider Your Partner’s Style

There is a popular saying that goes; diamond shapes can show the type of woman you are. This is an important piece of advice men buying engagement rings for their partners should always know. The saying is true as traditional women usually prefer round diamond cuts, while sentimental women prefer a heart-shaped diamond cut and probably pink in color.

Choosing a cut that your woman will love most can be extremely difficult but if you are unsure, select a ring that you think is the best or one that you think might look great in her hand. Do not be afraid as it is highly unlikely for your proposal to be rebuffed just because of a ring.

Consider Your Partner’s Fingers

consider your partner's fingerConsider selecting a diamond cut shape that is surely going to look good in your partner’s fingers. Some figures look great on shorter fingers while others appear great on longer fingers. For instance, if your partner has shorter fingers, consider buying elongated cuts like marquise, oval, or pear. If you go for wider cuts, it makes her fingers look even shorter. If your woman has long fingers, then you can buy a diamond cut with a square shape like radiant.

How to Find the Best Tungsten Rings

To find the best tungsten ring you need to look for the 3 Cs. The 3 Cs are the comfort, content and craftsmanship. When all three are present in tungsten rings, then you know that you have found the best one for you. Now let us discuss the three Cs individually.

3Cs of a good ring


It doesn’t matter how beautiful or expensive a ring is if you are not comfortabhand wearing good ringle with it then it will never be right for you. Comfort in a ring depends on three things: the thickness of the ring, the weight of the ring and the width of the ring.

If a ring is too thick for your fingers, then you will be an annoyance. The best tungsten rings are those that make you forget that you are wearing a ring after a while. If a ring is too heavy, then it will also cause discomfort. You will always be reminded that you are wearing a piece of jewelry because of the extra weight.

If a ring is too wide, then there will always be a feeling that something is wrapped around your finger. Find a tungsten ring with the right thickness, weight, and width and you will be comfortable wearing it for life.


The term content as far as tungsten rings are concerned refers to the percentage of tungsten carbide purity. High-quality tungsten rings are composed of tungsten carbide.

Another thing that you need to know is that high-quality tungsten rings contain nickel while lower quality ones contain cobalt. Many people, sellers included, are not aware of the right percentage of tungsten carbide for a tungsten ring to be deemed of high quality.

The current standard is 85% tungsten carbide. If there is too little tungsten carbide, the ring will be soft and will be prone to scratches. So before you buy a tungsten ring make sure to ask the percentage of tungsten carbide in it.

Craftsmasilver ring nship

Craftsmanship refers to the look of the ring, and this depends on the creativity and the skill of the jeweler. One of the standards of good craftsmanship used by many is symmetry. This means that one side of the ring should perfectly match the other side. Of course, some designers would deliberately use an asymmetrical design for the ring. Craftsmanship though goes beyond design.

It also refers to how well an idea is executed. Good craftsmanship is reflected in an even finish and consistency. These qualities reveal the amount of work and attention given to the ring.