First, you need to establish a target market when starting a shoe company. You should decide whether you will be selling discount shoes or specialty shoes. If you want to manufacture slippers, then you need maquina de fazer chinelo. Your target market can be wholesalers, retailers, or consumers. Retailers and wholesalers can buy the shoe from you in bulk. Always, choose the type of shoes you like and have right machinery. When you have knowledge in something, it will enhance selling and marketing efforts. You can begin your business from home to keep overhead costs down.

Choose name for your business. You should register the name to avoid problems with relevant authorities. The name can be shoe business shopregistered at city administration or local county offices. Get a vendor’s license to enable you pay taxes as a retail customer. You should also search for other licenses, which you may require for this type of business.

Look at the different types of shoes that are sold by your competitors. Visit their websites as well as those of wholesalers and retailers. Notice those that appeal to businesses, consumers, or both. Be ready to set up the prices comparable with the local competitors.

Find a wholesalers or distributors for your shoe business. Order some free trade publications and magazines related to retailing, shoes, or wholesaling. Search at classified ads for shoe manufacturers or wholesalers. You can call out various manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. This will help you find out slippers the different types of shoes they offer. You can also use drop-shipping suppliers, who will mail the products direct to you. For instance, if you are items and need to order single units at some time. Choose a wholesaler supplier or a manufacturer that offers lowest prices. Open a merchant account through your bank to accept credit card orders.

Start building a website to give your business exposure. You can hire web designer to do this task. Get some pictures of the types of shoes you will be selling. Your site should be submitted to different search engines such as and A SEO expert can help to ensure your business appears on the first page of search engines. Reach out to independent retailers in your location. Talk to them about getting shoes from your business. You can leave a brochure or business card in case the manager or owner is not in a position to make an immediate order.